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This wax looks great on any color and works exceptionally well on lighter color paints.
When applied to your code reduction train sncf paint it provides endless depth that gives your vehicle the "wet" look.
Na Oechovce 4, cadeau connerie cremaillere 160 00 Praha.Pihlaste se k odbru naeho newsletteru vyplnnímVaí emailové adresy: Chyba : Email není ve správném formátu.Product Description, when you need the absolute most depth and gloss from your paint than look no further than the P21S Carnauba Wax.Newslettery vám budeme zasílat nejdéle 3 roky nebo do vaeho odhláení.This wax is an all time favorite of show car owners and a must have if you want perfection.Lighter colored paints don't absorb as much light as darker paints so this wax was designed to enhance the lighter colored paints and give a deep reflection.To help achieve the ultimate shine, prepare the paint before waxing with.This special blend of pure Brazilian carnauba wax mixed with other secret ingredients gives P21S a formula that no one has been able to duplicate.

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Additives, dyes and perfumes that combine to leave big white stains on your rubber or plastic parts.Nymburk (mapa fakturaní adresa, veteránská krása.r.o.It is also forgiving on trim so it will not leave traditional white marks on trim pieces.Chcete získávat nejnovjí informace ze svta automobil?A rich blend of pure Brazilian.1 yellow carnauba and beeswax delivers a dynamite shine that lasts panier cadeau mariage algerien and lasts.Dly se divné vci!