Fortnum and mason afternoon tea hamper

fortnum and mason afternoon tea hamper

Served in the ST Jamess restaurant, this wonderful afternoon ritual starts with a savoury treat.
In fact their proud boast is that they sell everything you could want.
The British have long been known for their love of tea - a habit acquired from the bottom of the Chinese in the 16 th century, when entrepreneurs discovered this most British of drinks and started to take him to England, making London the capital.
The Kings Cross area is scrubbing up nicely so nicely that you need to look hard to find a discarded cardboard cup of builders tea.Another excellent location for afternoon tea, when in London, is the English tea room Brown Hotel in Albemarle Street, Mayfair.A tea clipper that, the Cutty Sark is preserved and is moored on the Thames in Greenwich, east London.If you prefer a hot savoury, concours complet saulieu team the rich, lightly scented and nutty flavours of Fortnums Keemun Tea with Welsh rarebit.Fortnum and Mason opened just a year after Twinings, in 1707, and immediately began selling a wide range of high quality foods - including tea - the royal family and the local nobility.A second-flush Jungpana Darjeeling transported us from the concourse of St Pancras to the parsley-green cricket pitches of the shires.The afternoon tea, although pricey, is a classic celebration, comprising warm scones, clotted cream, Victoria sponge and a brilliant range of pastries and renowned teas.The catch of the day was a big helping of coarsely flaked Dorset crabmeat cloaked in lemony mayonnaise, piled high over crisp lettuce and toast a first-rate English seaside special.The level of, tea sandwiches (another famous dish invented in London by the Earl of Sandwich) and the cake is impeccable.In 1834, Henry Charles Harrod opened a wholesale grocery store, specializing in tea, in Stepney in the East End of London.They are still strong today, and when you visit London, you must visit "Fortnums as they are known, and see salespeople in livery.This began the tradition of the clippers: fast, square-rigged sailing ships, which would run around each other the Cape of Good Hope, in an attempt to be the first one to dock in London with the new crop of tea from China.

Earl Grey is another popular choice the citrus notes of Bergamot complement any of the sandwiches, particularly Chicken with Tarragon Butter.
Jungpanas a fabulous tea from a tiny Indian estate, and the floral flavour makes a jolly good match with cucumber sandwiches.
This was just south of the original royal hunting area of Hyde Park, which would be the position of the Great Exhibition of 1851.
To reinforce this, their telegraphic address is: "Everything, London.".Royal Blend, Fortnums most popular tea, is a robust brew that makes a refreshing accompaniment to all the savoury bites, combining low-grown Flowery Pekoe from Ceylon and Assam.This move paid off handsomely for Harrod and his shop grew and grew in the famous Harrods department store, now occupies an imposing site in the same location as the original shop.In contrast, our scotch egg contained overcooked egg and underseasoned sausagemeat, and was better suited to Nigel Farages school lunchbox than a dainty salons plate.One of the most desirable for this is along Piccadilly to Fortnum and Masons, at the Ritz Hotel, overlooking Green Park.A time-honoured tradition at Fortnum Mason.Today they are still in business, still selling tea and still run by the Twining family.When choosing teas to drink with your treats, follow the culinary flavour rule and match like with like; for example, the delicate taste of smoked salmon works well with smoky Lapsang Souchong.They still sell tea - and much more.

If Farage and Clegg were to have their in-out debates over a pot of this stuff, wed undoubtedly have the European question agreed before second pour.
He was already in partnership with Hugh Mason, as he was allowed to keep the burned stumps of candles illuminated the royal palace, which merged Mason to make new candles for sale.