Manager script for reduction in force

manager script for reduction in force

WA can inline up to 50KB of images per page.
You can watch any glob pattern for a variety of events using.
Mandatory field Name mandatory field Surname mandatory field E-Mail.config acceleration image-inlining / /acceleration /config If you open up your developer tools, and compare the original example site with the optimized version, you will see that the smaller images have been converted into data URIs and are now inlined.Js, and/or back them up somewhere until youre comfortable with this workflow.Images are added to the WA cache when image scaling or compression are applied, or when they have been explicitly cached.Script Manager The WA Script Manager can dynamically aggregate and load JavaScript resources into a single bundled request, and store the scripts in the browser local storage (if available).Log(dummy /script The default behavior is to inline resources if they are smaller than 2KB.The Script Manager is enabled in the config.

Node_modules/.bin/psm (need to run this from node_modules/.bin once to config some new tasks for it) / package.
Individual cadeau kitsch bureau scripts can be excluded from the Script Manager in the html document by adding the ai-use-script-manager"false" attribute to the appropriate script element.
CLIs are simply the most portable interface for a library.
Json "psm:watch "chokidar psm.
Possible values are: true: always force inlining false: prevent inlining auto: automatically decide inlining based on the file size (this is the default option).Id suggest dumping Webpack for Rollup; just using it to eliminate useless code (unless you also need Node in the browser and throwing that task into your npm scripts along with every other optimization task.Xml: config acceleration style-inlining / /acceleration /config In the example site, there is a small CSS file s linked in the head : link rel"stylesheet" href"assets/css/s" / If you view the source of the optimized site, you should see that this file has now been.Exports / This task should just echo 'Hello Earth!' to the terminal "start echo 'Hello planet!'.P (2nd June 2013 sathishsekar (23rd December 2013 Saturnal (7th August 2014 satvik7star (21st November 2013 scudzy (7th July 2014 Segamalaga (2nd July 2013 sekzhao (21st February 2014 Senceister dean (16th June 2015 septy1703 (14th March 2014 sergiopa (14th August 2013 sflnwr (11th May 2013.Js -c 'npm run psm.I had been using npm scripts for a lot of little things, but never really saw it as a build tool until I read.