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The oven is folded in half on castors which allows it to be wheeled through any standard door opening.
They can work under standard extraction canopies.
Optimised for front of resto in code promotion house or open plan kitchens, the wood and gas fired ovens from Wood Stone not only produce wonderful pizzas, with an authentic stone fired taste, but also look great and bring the chefs own flair to the customer.She added: All Lincat equipment is designed to be aesthetically pleasing, in order that it can be used either front of house or a theatre-style kitchen.We'd really like to thank our loyal customers at all locations and our employees who have made the level of service required to not only expand but succeed in making the very best pizza in Michigan.For extra convenience, Guido's Grand Blanc now offers online ordering!So Catering Insight took the temperature of UK pizza oven suppliers and manufacturers to see how closely they are considering the theatre kitchen trend.For Middleby Group company, Beech Ovens, pizza oven design is carefully examined.Towns added: Once there, they only need a power supply, so can literally be plugged in straight away.Therefore the ovens also need to be easy for these distributors to install.One of the ways they can do this is to incorporate pizza ovens into the front of house area, an endeavour which kitchen design houses play a vital part.When creating the Giotto, design was something which was carefully considered by Cuppone.Our pizza ovens follow a simple, classic design, and are manufactured from high quality stainless steel which is easy to clean and maintains its sheen.In terms of ease of installation he advised: Working with our team of factory trained engineers, dealers and distributors can make an informed decision on the best oven for a particular project, while also ensuring that all the utilities and connections are in place prior.

According to marketing manager Helen Applewhite: An external temperature gauge and 20-minute audible timer make it easy to monitor the cooking process in a busy front of house setting.
While the newest brand in our portfolio, Alfa Pro, is powered by gas, wood or dual fuel, and the ovens are equally suited for a traditional kitchen setup, as they are for positioning front of house.
Plus they are designed to be well insulated to retain heat while the outer walls shouldnt get too hot.Baked to a golden brown and brushed with a layer of butter and topped with a dash of oregano.Set up deal alerts for your favorite stores, categories, or products and we'll instantly alert you when a new deal is posted.This means that they can be fully utilised to fulfil a variety of menu items, many of which can be served straight from the oven, so that front of house siting is highly convenient, said Barton.This feature comes by virtue of them being self-venting ovens.Beech Ovens appliances can be customised with cladding or hearth extensions.While refractory brick bases are designed to ensure heat distribution, an internal light to each deck should help the operator maintain control over the pizza whilst also appealing to customers.Over at Oldham-based Linda Lewis Kitchens, its Cuppone Giotto pizza oven has also been designed for ease of installation, and is supplied as a complete unit with a complimentary stand and hood.The way we've always done it and the reason we're Voted #1!

It has an integrated winch system, which pops the Giotto up into all its glory within seconds.