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These trailers, although involving many different scenes, often mix in the quel cadeau offrir a son copain pour les 1 an band playing or singing the song during the scenes.
It shows some ELO animations and several clips from the Live In Hyde Park concert, using ELO animations to wipe the screen between scenes, all while featuring audio clips.
Artist : George Harrison Song : This Is Love Year : 1988 Type : Promo video Song Version : Cloud Nine album version.
Intermixed with all this are occasional shots of the band in a dark room playing on keyboards as well as old news footage including Richard Nixon and Leonid Brezhnev signing the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, a Saturn V rocket launch, Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell putting.
This short can be seen here.The car suddenly starts and she safely drives away.It shows a baby bouncing in a moving room, men concours next annales in another room practicing drums and people running around a shaking home, as if the percussion sound is shaking the entire house.The The Diary Of Horace Wimp promo video can be seen here.Note that Wild West Hero was the first Jet/CBS single released in the UK, being released in June of 1978.It is directed by Peter Christopherson of the well known UK design group Hipgnosis.The fog rolling across the floor is also brightly lit by these lights, reflecting on the band from below.The first part of this movie (before the music video) can be seen here.Thoughout, the dates of the tour are flashed across the bottom of the screen and an announcer announces the tour.

The Midnight Blue promo video can be seen here.
The entire rest of the video is seen through this blue halo and features various footage of the band performing the song on a soundstage.
With each keyboard note that starts the song, a portion of this text flashes and vanishes until it is all gone.
Description : A woman moves around a mansion, while the Everly Brothers stand around and sing.
Detail descriptions of these Discovery videos are as follows: Shine A Little Love - During the choral intro, the camera pans across an Arabian-style room (as on the Discovery album cover) and eventually finds and zooms in on a treasure chest with the ELO spaceship.During this period of ELO's career, there was a frequent change of members, especially the string players.The camera focuses on the boy's face to the end of the song, when the director credit is shown.On the third chorus, an image of Horace and his new bride are shown watching the spaceship fly away.The Making Xanadu special was produced by Olivia's then-boyfriend and manager, Lee Kramer.