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One of the main findings of this study 56 was that class size does not have a significant effect on earnings by age.
The Tennessee study of class size in the early school grades.
A book reviewing evidence and perspectives on class size from around the world concludes that "Project star produced gains without any changes in the curriculum or any focused teacher training.
2 4, subsequent research on the effects of class size reduction has linked small class sizes with a variety of cognitive and non-cognitive benefits for students and teachers, cadeau pour jeune architecte both short and long-term, especially when class sizes are reduced in the early grades (K-3).(2) Class size reduction may have unintended consequences.Teacher quality worsened because schools had to dig deeper down in the barrel to find teachers, who were typically less educated and less experienced.However, some researchers worry whether teachers will take full advantage of these opportunities, arguing that they tend to use the same strategies (primarily lecturing) with both large and small groups.Economic Considerations and Class Size.

They found that the presence of very large classes significantly increased teacher turnover.
Four years of small classes in the early grades more than doubled the odds.
The researchers found that adding five students to a class decreased the odds of students being on task by nearly a quarter.
14 Results from the study showed: 14 prime time students made improvements in reading and math standardized tests in kindergarten, first and second grades.Results from the study demonstrated increased teacher satisfaction with job, increased communication with parents, and (as with Project star) long term increases in student graduation rates and admission into college.6, in the past, depending on which measure was used, researchers tended toward far different interpretations of the benefits of class size reduction leading to far different recommendations for implementation.The Non-Cognitive Returns to Class Size.Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved 22(4 1424-35.Project sage edit In 2002 the state of Wisconsin began its own investigations into the wisdom of class size reduction 13 by initiating Project sage (Student Achievement Guarantee in Education).