Top 15 viral marketing campaigns

top 15 viral marketing campaigns

Thats a significant boost in brand exposure.
When you typed commands into the website, a person dressed in a chicken suit would follow those commands.
Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise October 2013."Write to Play" heralded Playworld's first-ever social media giveaway, and the results are impressive: Not only did its Facebook fan base increase from 600 to more than 9,000 during the two months the contest ran, but as finalists rallied to gain community support for their.The site went viral after the film premiered at Sundance.Hotmail-, hotmail is one of the most classic examples of successful viral marketing.Write to Play giving away two commercial playgrounds through its Facebook page.Kmart Ship My Pants April 2013.Plus, an actual diamond ring worth up to 5,000 was in a few of the candles sold as well.Have I missed any of your favourite campaigns in this list?

The campaign flattered fans intelligence by giving them phone numbers to call in cryptic commercials.
Sometimes, its a funny video.
The video features a preteen girl who gets her first "red badge of courage" while attending summer camp and becomes the camp's de facto gynecologist, distributing tampons to her bunkmates.Start Slideshow, awareness as entertainment, fast-casual chain Chipotle Mexican Grill added liste de cadeaux pour baby shower some spice to its long-running "Food With Integrity" sustainable farming campaign by teaming with Academy Award-winning design firm Moonbot Studios for The Scarecrow, an animated short film and accompanying mobile game created to increase.Jean-Claude Van Dammes epic video doing the splits on two reversing Volvo trucks amazed everyone when it was released in 2013.The below graph from Google trends shows how the interest peaked.Three UK #DancePonyDance February 2013, threes advert featuring a moonwalking pony became an instant viral hit amassing a whopping.7M views to date.I love this idea because its simple, effective, and engaging.The Dark Knight made ridiculous amounts of money at the box office and on DVD.Advertisers have been smart to embrace viral videos.Contagious: Why Things Catch.

"I just shipped my pants, and it's very convenient!" enthuses one elderly shopper; another proclaims, "I just shipped my bed!" While some viewers called it "gross" and "vulgar the spot racked up some 20 million views by the end of last year, at one.
Lady Gaga makes extended versions of her videos exclusively for web channels.
The music video was the very first to ever break 1 billion views and it created a worldwide phenomenon.